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 gracious living.

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Welcome to our Website!

Hello and thanks for stopping by our new website! We hope it will be another important way for us to connect with members of our valued community.

As a Community Governed Organization and part of the Musquodoboit Harbour community since 1979, The Birches is home to 42 long term care residents who benefit from our focus on resident-centered care, and honouring each person’s lifelong routine.

This is made possible through the dedication of fantastic staff from a variety of disciplines, including nursing, continuing care assistants, recreation, maintenance, food services, laundry, housekeeping, and administrative support. Active volunteers also complement our day-to-day work.

Our team, along with our volunteer Board of Directors, are dedicated to serving the seniors on the Eastern Shore. Change is imminent in our health and social system, and we are proud to be leading the way in embracing innovative ideas which will help us do our important work. Ideas like our Music And Memory iPod Project are helping our residents remember their lives fondly, while programs like our Pet Therapy help them find fulfillment in the present. Want to support these and other meaningful programs for our seniors – join our community as a staff, volunteer, or donor!

Each year we share a glimpse into our Birches story through our Report to the Community.
Click here to read a bit about our successes in the 2022-23 year!


Thank you for being a part of our Birches community!


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