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Early Investigation Over!

We are thrilled to share that we are no longer under a COVID-19 early investigation! We want to thank our residents and their family members and friends for their patience during this time, and want to thank our staff for stepping up in lots of ways during this time to ensure the safety of residents.

The end of the early investigation means that our residents are now able to do off site visits along with overnight visits!

Off site and overnight visits must be booked by calling the front desk 24 hours in advance! Please learn more about offsite and overnight visits at this link:


Great News for our CCA Teammates!

Many of you may have heard today that Government has finally recognized the collective voices of the leadership teams and the labor movement in long term care that the CCA staff are underpaid and deserve better wages.

The Premier announced today, Feb. 9th 2022, that effective tomorrow CCAs will receive an immediate wage increase of approximately 23%. The top scale for a CCA will now be approximately $48,419 per annum.

This is a milestone to celebrate. More work needs to be done to make working and living in long term care better! But for now… we pause and celebrate the wonderful news for our CCAs!!


Dion Mouland-Pettipas


Sharing NHNSA Strategic Plan 2022-2025

The Birches is a proud member of the NHNSA. We invite our stakeholders to check out the NHNSA's Strategic Plan for 2022-2025, here: NHNSA StrategicPlan2022_25


Infection Prevention Practices over the Holidays

With the holidays here, we wanted to share some reminders with visitors and Designated Caregivers to help us all stay safe throughout the festive season.

As you know, our facility is a bit older than others and space is often limited. Over the holidays as you are visiting, please be mindful that many others may also be visiting and remember that physical distancing is key.

Staff may request visitors to move to a different space with the resident, including the resident’s room or another common space, to help facilitate physical distance. We ask visitors to be patient and accommodating if this is the case – we are all working together to ensure the safety of all!

We also want to remind visitors that within our facility, masks must be worn at all times. The combination of masking AND physical distancing is the best way to help us prevent cases of COVID-19.

Did you know? Designated Caregivers can now access COVID-19 rapid tests at The Birches! Rapid tests can be picked up in our lobby and completed from the comfort of your own home! Simple instructions are included! Please sign the log when picking up a rapid test.

Things are changing rapidly, so over the holiday season please also keep an eye out for updated infection prevention information that may be shared when you arrive at the facility, or on our website!

We are wishing you happy holidays, and sending you the warmest of thanks for your patience and support at this time.


CCA Week Message from Nova Scotia’s Minister of Seniors & Long-Term Care

We are pleased to share this CCA Week message from Nova Scotia’s Minister of Seniors & Long-Term Care!


Vaccination Update for Stakeholders - *updated Nov. 17*

As per direction from the province, at this time all individuals except staff and Designated Caregivers must be fully vaccinated to enter our facility (unless they have a medical or human rights exemption).  Proof of vaccination must be provided each time you enter.

Effective November 30th, 2021 all designated caregivers and staff that visit or work in long term care will be required to be vaccinated in order to visit or work. Proof of vaccination must be provided by Designated Caregivers each time they enter.

UPDATE: Employees and Designated Caregivers are still required to provide proof of vaccination, medical contraindication, or human rights exemption by November 30th. However, employees/DCGs who receive their first dose before November 30th now have 70 days to provide proof of having received their second dose. This clock starts on the day the employee/DCG receives their first dose, and can extend pass November 30th without an employee needing to be placed on unpaid leave.


Masking Statement

Please see the below message from the Nursing Homes of Nova Scotia Association regarding continued masking for visitors within NHNSA member operators’ facilities.


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2020-21 Annual Report

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Birch Leaf News - Spring 2021

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Birches Nursing Home Named as Priority for Significant Investment in Redevelopment/Replacement

January 29, 2021


The Birches Nursing Home is proud to announce that the Government of Nova Scotia has included our facility in a list of long term care homes to be redeveloped/replaced.  

Part of the Musquodoboit Harbour community since 1979, the Birches Nursing Home is an important part of the Eastern Shore community. The long term care home is dedicated to providing a community of dignified, gracious living to local seniors.

As with many older long term care facilities, however, the home’s outdated infrastructure is becoming less and less suitable for the needs of today’s long term care residents.

“Our team does an excellent job of offering quality care despite our aging facility, but the challenges presented by features like aging electrical, aging plumbing, and small shared rooms are often significant,” says Dion Mouland, President & CEO, “Infrastructure renewal is an important focus of the strategic plan we developed in consultation with our community in 2018, so it is a privilege to have been selected for these important upgrades.”

The leadership team and Board of Directors at the Birches are committed to making swift decisions based on the needs of local seniors, and moving this momentous project forward quickly.

“As a Board of Directors, we believe it is our responsibility to advocate for positive change in the long term care sector across our province,” says Rick Anderson, Chair of the Birches Board of Directors, “With this announcement, the government echoes our belief that our seniors are a priority, and are deserving of the best possible quality of life we can provide.”