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Our History

From May 4, 1979 to present day, The Birches has been home to many memorable and inspirational members of our community!

In those days, life in long term care was a bit different. In fact, one of the first residents of The Birches drove himself there in his own truck!
3 others actually came from Ocean View, where they had been living because there was no place for them in their own local community.

The place they came to call home was re-purposed from the C-Wing of the Twin Oaks hospital, being built around that existing structure.

Staff throughout the years worked hard to create a comfortable home for their community. Resourcefulness, generosity, and hard work were key. Past staff searched through discarded pieces of furniture at other organizations to make The Birches feel more like home, and collected funds for special purchases to brighten the days of residents.
3 dedicated staff even once evacuated every resident from the nursing home in an emergency in only 7 minutes!

Of course throughout the years, we have collected many stories of colourful characters that have been part of our history. Please like our Facebook page to read more stories of our past!


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