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Vaccination Requirements

Updated: July, 2022

Proof of vaccination no longer required for visitors and designated caregivers (DCGs) to enter LTCFs; all others are still required to show proof of vaccination.

We have moved to passive screening. Masking is still required in LTC, so please wear your mask into the building, stop at the first table and swap out for a clean medical mask, then sign in using the visitor logbook. We remain a high risk setting so please review the symptoms/questions and do not visit if you pose a risk to our community.

Updated: Feb. 16, 2022

As per direction from the province, at this time all individuals except staff and Designated Caregivers must be fully vaccinated to enter our facility (unless they have a medical or human rights exemption).  Proof of vaccination must be provided each time you enter.

Effective November 30th, 2021 all designated caregivers and staff that visit or work in long term care will be required to be vaccinated in order to visit or work. Proof of vaccination must be provided by Designated Caregivers each time they enter.

As per provincial guidance, proof of vaccination is not required for children under 12 to visit the facility, so long as they are accompanied by a fully vaccinated adult.


UPDATE: Employees and Designated Caregivers are still required to provide proof of vaccination, medical contraindication, or human rights exemption by November 30th. However, employees/DCGs who receive their first dose before November 30th now have 70 days to provide proof of having received their second dose. This clock starts on the day the employee/DCG receives their first dose, and can extend pass November 30th without an employee needing to be placed on unpaid leave.

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